Buck Jones Sr. Born August 5th 1950, was a US Navy Veteran, and an avid furniture maker.  Buck Sr. maintained homes with his company Buck Jones Company. I Buck Jones Jr, (born 20 years later (august 4th 1970) Registered my company in 1991 with the town of Beverly , MA   20 years later i incorprated the Company as Buck Jones Contracting LLC. I am the eldest Son of Buck Jones Sr. and I learned wood working and several skills handed down from generations. Which i teach to my Sons Brandon Fournier and Hunter Jones. Within our Family we have builders that have literally built the houses and landmarks in the surrounding towns and in Beverly.

  I Byron R Jones Jr (Buck Jones Jr.) am a veteran of the US Army, 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles) Air Assault , attached to 1st Group Special Forces. I got out of the Service Honorably and recieved my engineering degree. Which has helped me to work in the field I love for 31 years plus.  We pride ourselves on being fair and doing the job correctly. we design interiors and custom furniture. We Build Homes, additions and remodeling.  for over 31 years we have been at it.  With the next generation of Buck Jones Contracting working in the field for 11 plus years now, the company is poised to go another 50 years.  we love our work..our customers, our freedom and the USA. 

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